Clean Beauty

Available at Willow + Mercer

Health First. Beauty Second.

During a name-brainstorming session for our clean beauty bar, our Co-founders wanted to identify the reasons it existed in the first place. What makes non-toxic skincare important and why did we make the switch to clean beauty? The simple answer is  — because we value health AND beauty, and we shouldn’t have to settle. Thus, Sunday Skin was born. We see Sunday as a day of rest – for your mind, body and soul. The same should be said for your skin! When you switch to clean beauty, your skin gets a boost of good-for-you ingredients EVERY DAY. From scrubs to toners, non-toxic sunscreen, 7-free nail polish, plant-based makeup and SLS-free soaps and shampoos, every day is Sunday at Sunday Skin!

Good for you ingredients

In a world of greenwashing – where brands falsly market their products as “natural”, “organic” and “pure” – we check the facts and do the research for you. We care for your skin like we care for our own.

Located in 30Avenue

Our beauty bar, designed by Erika Powell, can be found at our Willow + Mercer store in Inlet Beach. Visit our Willow website to browse all of our locations on 30A.

Willow + Mercer: 12805 S101, US 98, Inlet Beach, FL

Brands You Can Trust

From brands like One Love Organics and Kjaer Weis, we only seek to source our products from clean brands that are as committed to healthy ingredients and quality as we are. With over 25+ clean beauty brands and growing, we have the best in the business!

Knowledgeable Staff

While our staff is learning new things every day, we’re eager and excited to help our customers on their clean beauty journey!